PC/MS is now available in real life!

The PC/MS book I mentioned in the last post is now available, for a limited time, at Carol and John’s Comic Shop. This is the first time anything of mine has been available for sale somewhere, so I’m incredibly nervous about it. I have had a major part in something else that was widely available, however:


Way back when, after I had gotten through my sprite comic phase and had advanced to my cruddy computer-generated comics phase, I was a member of Comic Genesis. I had dreams of being one of the few chosen to graduate to KeenSpot, but due to the comics being cruddy and a general lack of ability when it came to self-promotion, this was never going to happen. This didn’t stop our small group (comprised of two current Blue Box Books members and a bunch of people I never talk to anymore) from gathering up the money needed to buy out six and a half pages for a Free Comic Book Day special. We had high hopes, and there were some good bits, but the whole thing turned out to be kind of a mess and I doubt we got any extra exposure from it. You can actually read a cleaned-up version online here, if you really wanted to. Anyway, that whole thing was compressed to six pages and PC/MS got a half-page ad in the middle of the book. We have since learned how to do a short comic story well.


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