Hundred Days Draw #007

I started this project a bit more than a week ago, and I’ve had to draw things I would have never thought of, which is why I’m doing this. I think I’ve managed pretty well up to this point. Today started off pretty badly, with the prompt “Walter White after Fight Club”. This would be fine, except I just did someone after Fight Club and didn’t want to dip into that well again so soon, and so I decided to take a mulligan and hit the button again, and this is what I got:
prompt 007
This was rife with comedic opportunities, maybe even give me a chance to draw something a bit risque. The only real problem, then, was seeing which celebrity was on my Tumblr dashboard. For these purposes, I decided that anyone who has ever been on a late night talk show would qualify as a celebrity. So I scrolled down, and continued scrolling down, and wondered why I didn’t really follow any celebrities on Tumblr. Finally, I saw someone who has been on late night talk shows… Grover, from Sesame Street.

I did not want to draw Grover with bedroom eyes, people. That is the last thing I wanted. After all, not only did I draw a Muppet yesterday, but drawing Grover with bedroom eyes is one of the ickiest things I can think of. Since I had popped on to get my prompt before work, in order to mull things over and think of something good, I decided that I would wait until I got home to see which celebrity was the first one on my dashboard. This seemed like a good idea, and so off I went, hoping that there would be someone good on there. Heck, I’d even settle for someone from before late night talk shows, as long as I knew who they were. Winston Churchill or Teddy Roosevelt making bedroom eyes would be hilarious, probably! It was not to be, however. When I got home, the next celebrity on my dashboard was still Grover, and so I put it off. I waited until I had been home for about two and a half hours, checking Tumblr sporadically to see if Grover was no longer the next celebrity. I scrolled further. It’s not as if anyone would know if I chose the celebrity after the next one, after all, but there were none to be seen. I considered clicking again, but that would defeat the purpose of this exercise. In the end, there was only one thing I could do: draw Grover, sweet and innocent Muppet, with bedroom eyes.
Drawing 007
That is certainly a Grover who wants to take you to bed.


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