Hundred Days Draw #008

Since the very first day of the Hundred Days Draw, I knew that the Random Drawing Idea Generator 3.0 would make me draw something like this…
I do not like Sailor Moon. I have never liked Sailor Moon, and most of the people I’ve known who are hard-core fans treat this fact as some sort of cosmological impossibility and refuse to see me as anything more than an anti-Sailor Moon enthusiast. So I’ve been hoping that whatever prompt I get involving Sailor Moon would allow me some leeway. Mainly, something that would show how much I dislike the character without totally ignoring the prompt. Therefore, I have chosen to draw Sailor Moon being herself as how I wish she spent every waking moment:
Drawing 008
Getting punched in the face by some guy who was created just to punch Sailor Moon in the face, pretty much. Also she’s a devil-worshiping Nazi and a vampire is cheering. I wrote why this is happening here.


3 responses to “Hundred Days Draw #008

  1. HAH. Pretty refreshing to see, as everyone’s going Sailor Moon crazy right about now.

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