Hundred Days Draw #010

I need to be more diligent, because this is only the tenth Hundred Days Draw. Anyway, today I was given this prompt:
prompt 010

This posed a problem. Instead of liking posts on Tumblr, I usually reblog them. As such, I only had five liked posts and only three of them had characters in them and the first one was my very own Charleston Charge because I liked it when someone reblogged one of my Area 42 posts. So it was time for Charleston Charge to go into a video game, like Tron! Amusingly, he wouldn’t appreciate this as much as Subject M would have, but them’s the breaks. All that was left was to figure out which game. Super Mario Brothers is always a good one, but I wanted something better for the wanna-be paranormal investigator. Better as in more fitting, of course. I briefly thought about Tetris, but opted not to use that. Instead, I thought: which game features ghosts? Inspiration struck:
drawing 010
Why is this happening to him? He has no idea. All he knows is that there’s ghosts about and they can kill with a touch, and there’s absolutely no escape.

…man, Pac-Man was actually kind of depressing.


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