Hundred Days Draw #011

The last few weeks have been one fresh hell after another, some of it my own stupid fault, some of it thrust upon me. I’ve been lax, however, and so I bring to you another installment of the Hundred Days Draw:prompt 011
…that is a lame thing to come back to. Well, I said I’d do it, and so I shall. Here is a picture of me as a child:
Day 11As a child, I was vaguely aware that I was an autonomous person and that, like everyone, I had to look like something. I didn’t really care that much, though, opting instead to put a lot of my love towards the things that filled my day. Some of my most vivid memories are of watching DuckTales while holding a stuffed Kermit the Frog that I had gotten at my baby shower.

Now I wish I hadn’t drawn this, because it’s making me sad.


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