Hundred Days Draw #012

Let’s do another Hundred Days Draw, shall we? Let’s see what today’s prompt is…
prompt 12
I’m assuming it means my Tumblr avatar, since the whole thing is rather Tumblr-centric. Let’s load it up and see what I’m in for:
…I see. A photo of me at a Christmas party two Christmases ago. So I have to draw myself for the second time in two days. Let’s do this, then. Let’s get this over with. First, a quick look at what Cyberpunk is… and here we go.
Drawing 012
There we are. Me, in some sort of weird dystopia (you can tell from the red sky) with some sort of green techno-rod. I think that turned out pretty well, and I cut a dashing figure in cyberpunk garb, if I do say so myself. Let’s hope the next prompt doesn’t force me to draw myself again.


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