Unfulfilled Destinies: Tom Connell and Shelly

Tom Connell is the one who is not a skeevy hobo.

Tom Connell is the one who is not a skeevy hobo.

Tom Connell, as you can see, owned and operated Razzmatazz Comics. The store used to be owned and operated by his brother Rick, and was called Riverwood Collectibles. While it had a small collection of trading cards and comics, the store’s true purpose was to sell various illegal substances. This was allowed to go on since a man named Sherwood Oates basically ran Riverwood, and he was more interested in furthering his personal wealth than anything else. This led to him becoming increasingly amoral, until he was finally run out of town. Many people who had benefitted from a lack of real law and order were brought in, including Rick. Riverwood began to heal. Or try to, at least. A rot had set in, but Tom Connell didn’t know this, and so he decided to turn the store into an actual comic store, leading to his first appearance in the comic.
Tom and Shelly.

Tom and Shelly.


Tom rethinks his life.

After the events of the Nine Worlds Custom Tourney, Tom realized that there was no saving the shop. He took the insurance money and sold his house, declaring that he would leave Riverwood forever. He managed to make it as far as North Olmsted, where his friend Shelly got him a job working at the electronics store she managed. The two eventually fell in love and married. They plan to have children, and Tom is looking for a restaurant job that won’t involve people getting hurt.


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