Hundred Days Draw #013

I feel very sad today but keeping busy is helping, and so here’s another Hundred Days Draw:
…this posed a problem, and it wasn’t that I thought that all my characters were amazing. I am fully aware that some of them are duds, but I needed someone more objective than me to figure out who was the worst based on the criteria that I had to have used them for something. After some discussion, where several names were bandied about, Randall Malus and I decided that the worst character I had was a man named Thomas Iavi, who had a mystical connection to rest stops and gained super-powers based on his proximity to them. He was also, apparently, a charisma void, and so he was chosen for this exercise.
Drawing 013He probably has a hundred times more charisma in that picture than he had in any other appearance, honestly. The stage has already been set: he gains his powers from rest stops, and so he was hanging around that diner-looking thing in the background (let’s assume it would count as a rest stop, at least enough to give Iavi some power) when it came under attack by the forces of the undead. While there are certainly people in the world of Area 42 far more adapted to battling the undead, Iavi also has a strong sense of chivalry and wouldn’t turn his back on the supposed innocents in that diner. He also doesn’t have the same sense of morality that would preclude him from destroying any number of vampires, and so Iavi literally leaped into battle and is now battling this cadre of vampires. They all look the same because they’re low-level grunts, which means there’s a stronger vampire lurking somewhere, and Iavi just really made him mad…


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