Unfulfilled Destinies: Ollie and JJ


Ollie and JJ.

Ollie and JJ were recycled characters from comics I had done before Area 42 and I had a lot of plans for them that, of course, never came to anything. Their main thing was that there was sort of an unrequited love thing going on, with Ollie being completely enamored of JJ while JJ preferred emotionless bouts of sex with as many women as he could get. Their story would have come to a head when JJ, who was suffering from some post-traumatic stress all this time, realized that Ollie was just enabling his self-destructive behavior and left Lakeview Towers, leaving Ollie (who had wanted JJ to realize that Ollie loved him) to try to find someone who actually had feelings for him.

Instead, I used them twice, and burned down their building. I may revisit them at some point, but for now, their destinies are unfulfilled.


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