Unfulfilled Destinies: The Riverwood Science Fiction Club

Gary MacDonald, Mark Marshall, and Mark Davis

Gary MacDonald, Mark Marshall, and Mark Davis

These three, along with Elvin Clovar, comprised the Riverwood Science Fiction Club and actually served their purpose as tertiary characters, but there was a bit more to them than all that. The biggest thing I never got a chance to do was the fact that two of them were named Mark, and therefore, they were nicknamed White Mark and Black Mark, except the white kid is Black Mark and the African-American kid is White Mark. Ehh. After a few appearances, they had their last hurrah at the Nine Worlds Custom Tourney, and here are their fighters, with descriptions taken from my Tumblr:

Bottle of Popsi

Mark Davis is easily the smartest member of the Riverwood Sci-Fi Club, but he’s very modest about it. He’s usually very quiet, unless he has something to say, which is very rare, and he’s also a member of the school’s Key Club. All of these qualities have earned him the nickname “White Mark” from the other members of the Sci-Fi Club.

Mark’s fighter is a testament to the game’s creation engine, and his success with it is a testament to his skill. It’s a bottle of Popsi, the favored off-brand of Riverwood, and many an online fighter has seen the bottle pop up on-screen and laughed at it. Moments later, they’re usually trying to escape the ceaseless juggernaut. The bottle’s high stamina and strength more than make up for its almost complete lack of mobility, and in Mark’s hand, it’s a formidable opponent.

Mark dressed as Wolverine for the Tourney, since it was also a Halloween party. He went to school and hasn’t decided if he wants to study medicine or engineering yet, but he knows he wants to help people.

Double M SSJ

Mark Marshall has his moments when he’s a really good guy, and sometimes, he can be the best friend a person can have. Then, gradually, he’s overcome by his baser emotions and he’ll fancy himself a suave Casanova who is the epitome of cool who’s smarter than everyone else, to boot. However, he has the best house to hang out in. He’s also Imogene’s brother, so she’s sometimes reined in. He’s not too terrible at games, but he is kind of a sore loser. All of these behaviors have earned him the nickname “Black Mark”, which he graciously accepts and thinks applies to his love of black mages.

Mark’s character is just Mark, re-imagined as a DragonBall Z character. Unfortunately, in order to get the character just right, he had to sacrifice Double M’s durability and speed to make him a flying powerhouse. While this is hardly true to the show, Mark doesn’t mind. Only time will tell if he tries to reset the XBox 360 when his character starts to lose.

I think that pretty much tells you all there is to know about Mark. He dressed as Sephiroth for the party, and he’s currently attending one of the local universities. Like Mark, he hasn’t decided what he wants to do yet, but he has absolutely no idea where he wants his life to go.


Gary joined the tournament because everyone else was, and he figured, why not? Gary’s Lydia started off as a buxom female ninja, but as he worked his way down, he realized that was boring and made her a snake-woman ninja. This gave her an abundance of speed and durability, but made her rubbish in the strength and jump areas. Gary doesn’t mind. He plays for fun, not profit.

I did not write a lot about Gary for that thing. He was intended to be a character who continually popped up and helped Subject M and Charleston out, but I opted not to do that because it was completely unneeded. He was also pretty much the group’s leader, and dressed as Aquaman for the party. He was intended to be a bit older than the other two, and graduated after Charleston was kidnapped and all that. He’s currently in his second year of art school.

070It may be worth noting that none of these guys awoke as Pax Custodes or anything like that after so much exposure to aliens and demons.


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