Hundred Days Draw #014

Hey, remember when I updated this regularly and was doing a thing called the Hundred Days Draw? Well, here it is again!

014 prompt

Before we begin in inevitable steaminess, this entry into the Hundred Days Draw is dedicated to Rev. Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz, who has earned the $5 reward I have up on Patreon. Now then, get ready to take a cold shower because some ultra sexiness is about to ensue. Here is my favorite Nintendo character, being dead sexy…Drawing 014
…my favorite Nintendo character is Kirby. How the heck would I draw a sexy Kirby without wanting to gouge my eyes out? Besides, he’s plenty sexy. He’s secure in himself, friendly, largely trustworthy, and he wouldn’t say an unkind word about anybody. Not to mention the fact that he’s bristling with confidence and completely naked. That should be more than sexy enough for anyone.


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